Akyol Engineering & Machinery was established in March 2012 to achieve high technology based productive solutions and services, with Design Office in İzmit and Manufacturing Workplace in Köseköy Industrial Zone, it enhance the Turkish Industry in Automotive, Defense and Aerospace industry mainly. Akyol Engineering & Machinery is a corporation that combines experiences in automotive, metal cutting, steel construction and design with the improvable and dynamic energy of youth, comprehending customers’ problems and creating solutions. Improving the quality of our products which are depend on our technology, we aim to rank on important solution partners especially in automotive and defense ındustry with delivery on time and relevant cost, and to enhance World’s Industry by way of enhancing companies which are offered solutions, and to deepen our collaboration and improve our individual skills and knowledge at the same time.

Akyol Engineering & Machinery invest in machines, substructure and software to provide customers the best solution a soon as possible, and contain high technology in itself.

Akyol Engineering & Machinery has 2 sections mainly: Software and Service.

Akyol Engineering & Machinery Software creates solutions from concept design to manufacturing process as an Autodesk Authorized Dealer, and services with its talented engineer and designer staffs.

Akyol Engineering & Machinery Service has taken care of our customers’ needs in automotive and defense and lots of other industries with the experiences we have gained since 1997, and present them key-ready projects.